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Webalizer Seizes to work after a cronjob addendum

Good Day,
I am kinda newbie to Linux and I was wondering if someone could help me.
i have setup a Debian box running etch 4.0 r2 via netinstal. installed apache2 php5 mysql webalizer and munin.
I did a cronjob that will shutdown the box @ 1 am. and booted the computer via BIOS config @ 6 am.
i checked manually executed webalizer via bash command

$ webalizer.

it says /var/log/apache2/access.log.1 could not be read.
i checked the /var/log/apache2/ and found out that only access.log exists. i guess it is not generating access.log.1 because of the crontab i made.

From here I dont knw what to do. how can I make Webalizer work ?

Systems Administrator
TAO Corporation

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