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iceweasel and libflashplayer

On an etch box, I recently hit a website that insisted I should upgrade
to flashplayer 9.  No sweat, I did.  Now I notice BBC and other sites
keep telling me I need to upgrade flashplayer.  about:plugins says I
have flashplayer 7 and flashplayer 9.  In that order.  I suppose this to
be the problem, though I know no way to remove flashplayer 7 from
firefox, sorry, iceweasel.  locate shows only one libflashplayer.so on
my system, that in /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins/ (I am ignoring the copy
in my download directory, which must be irrelevant).  I have grepped
around in iceweasel trying to find a config file with the defunct
pointer to no avail.  

Any ideas?



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