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Re: Source code editor

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On 04/15/08 15:35, Lesley Binks wrote:
> On 15/04/2008, Tero Mäntyvaara <termant@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am looking for shell program for source code edition. I have used nano,
>> but it isn't enough. I need more "real" IDE like functionalities eg constant
>> view of current row number, file browser and selection, cutting, pasting and
>> copying functions. I also tried to use motor, but I got segmentation fault
>> after execution... :-/ I am using Etch.
>>  Tero Mäntyvaara
> Tero
> I use vi and vim on separate machines.  Really what you are asking for
> is an ncurses IDE but I don't know of any around.

It's a darned shame that there are no IDEs similar to the one in
Turbo Pascal.

> Vim is vi improved and has syntax highlighting ( ':synatx enable' but
> don't forget ':set background=light|dark' first - choose light or dark
> there ). Vim is easier to use than vi in some respects but uses the vi
> commands like 'i; to insert, ':sh' to get to a shell, and so on.  My
> OpenBSD box has vi not vim.
> Look up the cheat sheets on vi.  One useful command to remember is Esc
> to stop inserting or get out of another command.  ':help' may help too
> but is a bit archaic in it's navigation technique so learn that first.
> I think it is worth learning vi/vim because you will encounter it on
> many *nix and BSD systems.

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