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Re: Reg Blind

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 03:13:07PM -0700, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> > On 14-Apr-08, at 9:58 AM, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> >> Perhaps debian should have an accessible install CD in addition to all
> >> the different DTE install CDs.  E.g. one where sound works on most  
> >> boxes
> >> and comes up with voice prompts automatically.  Ideally, it would be a
> >> whole new installer with question/answer dialogs with a repeat  
> >> function
> >> as in (say that again?).
> Doug, I think it's a great idea -- I wonder just how complicated it is
> to get sound up and working during the install... It can't be that
> bad, I think windows does it.

If it turns out to be difficult (perhaps due to size constraints),
perhaps there could be one or two popular (cheap) hardware options for
people who find it doesn't work.  E.g. "If you don't hear "Welcome to
the Debian Installer" when you boot the installer, you may attach one of
the following to your computer temporarily during the install: sb
(supports a lot of cards), or perhaps a USB device that is easy to find
and cheap.

I don't know what all would be requried to get sound working on the
install, or how much space it would take.  Perhaps the OP (since he/she
has the most knowledge of specific requirements) could forward this
thread to the debian-boot list (who are responsible for the installer).
I wonder if it could be done in time for Lenny.

If it can't be part of the installer, since the installer allows
pre-seeding for automated installs, perhaps a script could be written
that runs under multiple-operating systems (perhaps that means a sh
script and a dos bat file, I don't know) to create the pre-seed file, to
work in conjuction with a pre-made netinst.iso specifically altered to
look for the pre-seed file on e.g. a USB stick or a floppy disk.  It
could be a feature of the script to assemble a complete USB hd-media
install to include the boot, the installer, the pre-seed file, and the
netinst.iso (or perhaps a companion CD1 which includes all the packages
required to create an accessiblity system out-of-the-box).


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