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Re: Packages temporarily disappearing from Testing/Lenny

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 08:20:00PM +0200, David wrote:
> comix - The version in Testing had security problems, so it was
> removed automatically (however, the insecure version stayed in
> Unstable). Almost a month later a fixed version was uploaded to stable
> and 10 days later it moved to Testing.

Everyone who thinks of using Sid needs to read and understand this
paragraph.  "However, the insecure version stayed in Unstable".  Just
because Sid includes the latest doesn't mean its the greatest.  I don't
think that, e.g. aptitude pops up a warning "WARNING: you are trying to
install an insecure version of comix".  

At least if you run testing, if something proves insecure it will 
be either fixed in unstable and migrate after 10 days, or (I think)
will be removed from testing.  It is often said that our testing branch
is like other distro's stable or release branch.  This may be true, but
Unstable (Sid) is unstable and at any given time may have serious
security issues.  Beware.


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