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Re: IBM DB2 V9.5 32 bits failed to allocate share memory

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 09:46:19AM +0100, cypherstrong wrote:
> I have already try to change it manually but DB2 auto rewrite the shmmax
> value

Even in redhat? But it works in redhat?

> I have try to start db2 and after set the shmmax, but they still crash
> with same error.


> Perhaps it's a bug of the db2 v9.5 fixpack 0 of ibm soft because older
> version work fine without anything to do.

Presuming you paid for this software, what does support have to say?

> They is a way to tell to db2 to don't change this value himself ?

I don't know about db2. I use postgreSQL and it works out of the box.


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