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Re: IBM DB2 V9.5 32 bits failed to allocate share memory

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 10:16:52AM +0100, Vincent Bachelier wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a issue with IBM DB2 V9.5 (the express version) in 32 bits.
> I have install it on a 64 bits arch without any problem, on debian
> But in 32 bits, on a Bi-Xeon with 4g of ram, during installation they say
> "Allocation memory failed : Cannot allocate share memory"

Is that the *exact* error message?

> It's a fresh debian etch 32 bits install, and a fresh ibm db2 v9.5
> express install !

What is the output of:

	uname -a

> The damn is that it's for a test server in an enterprise condition.
> The only way I have found is to install the db2 server on a redhat
> enterprise, and they work ! I don't understand why ???
> I would really prefer to keep everything on debian, but I think they is
> a setting that could make db2 crash ... I don't understand
> I have look in redhat config for kernel, all main think like HIMEM4G and
> 64BITS RESOURCE, is sets ...
> Any idea about this ?

Take careful note of any error messages -- which, hopefully, will lead
you to the right config files to compare between the working redhat and
the non working Debian setup. 

Can you explain:

	"all main think like HIMEM4G and 64BITS RESOURCE, is sets ..."

Whats this "64BITS RESOURCE"?

Is "uname -a" for redhat == "uname -a" for Debian?


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