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Re: exim/postfix comparisons

Nate Duehr wrote:
Qmail is fast, and can handle an incredible amount of mail thrown at it,
I have heard and read that claim so many times but, after years of having to admin qmail servers, have yet to seen it handle huge amounts of mail with even half the grace that Postfix does. I regularly encounter servers that had been compromised (usually via php or a weak smtp password) and used for sending out massess of spam. 100,000 undeliverable mails in the queue and qmail just about stops functioning. Even sendmail handles this more gracefully.

but it has some quirks that make it a real pain in the ass in production. Mostly its bounce-handling.
Amen to that.

Add in that even if it's "Public Domain", the author never wnated to work with the community to make it better... he just washed his hands of it

You're letting him off lightly. He still maintains it is perfect, doesn't need any of the new features, and is 100% secure. Forgive me for thinking doesn't have to deal with any real busy production servers.


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