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Re: exim/postfix comparisons

Kevin Mark wrote:
On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 12:13:19PM +0100, Martin Marcher wrote:
PS: if there's a compelling reason to go in the sendmail direction (or
any other mta) i'm willing to do that, but I refuse qmail because of
licensing issues
Are you aware that qmail is now 'public domain' as of last year?

DSFG Free, or not?

If not... don't bother.

Qmail is fast, and can handle an incredible amount of mail thrown at it, but it has some quirks that make it a real pain in the ass in production. Mostly its bounce-handling.

Having to recompile it all the time to add features, also sucks.

Add in that even if it's "Public Domain", the author never wnated to work with the community to make it better... he just washed his hands of it, and features that should have been rolled into it, instead have always had to be patched in from source and the entire system rebuilt to get standard features that other MTA's had safely and successfully added along the way.

The licensing issues weren't what the main problem was, but those issues along with the source/rebuild cycle and other operational weirdnesses, also made me feel that qmail... was a giant pain in the ass.


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