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Re: gnuplot: plotting each point in different color

Florian Kulzer wrote:

> That is indeed fine for three columns or ten, maybe twenty; my point was
> that it scales badly to, say, 1000 columns. There are of course other
> ways around this, like generating 1000 plot commands with your favorite
> scripting language and feeding them to gnuplot, or reformatting the data
> file to two columns with a 999-fold repeating x-axis, but these
> approaches do not seem any nicer to me than the subroutine-if-reread
> hack.

Ah, yes, I agree. For such a large number of columns, or if the number
of columns is determined at run time of an experiment, that method is
the way to go.

BTW, thanks for pointing me to this reread command. I did some google
search to find out some examples. Here is one similar to what you explained:

and this another one explains the reread command with some other examples:


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