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AT Package Requires Courier MTA

I am running an NSLU2 Slug, Debian Etch. Kernel=2.6.18-4-ixp4xx. I installed AT and was very surprised to see that APT requires that Courier Mail MTA is a prereq of AT. I can understand that I will need an MTA if I want AT to mail me infos about what it has done etc.
I am surprised that it requires a specific MTA.
On the NSLU2 RAM is at a premium and I would prefer not to have all these useless (for me ) processes hanging around all the time.

How can I find out if and why courier MTA is really required?

Would there be any danger in just overriding this prereq somehow to allow the AT install without Courier? I have never done this but I assume its not too big a problem to do.

Cheers Brian

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