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Re: gnuplot: plotting each point in different color

H.S. wrote:

> Now, usually, I would not avoid RTFM. And it is quite common for the
> experienced users in the Linux community to make the assumption that the
> other person is lazy and wants to be *always* spoon fed (BTW, it is
> thankfully uncommon in this list, to be fair).

Oh, it used to be there couple of years back. What happened was, whenever
some one gives a haughty RTFM reply, other knowledgeable people politely
used to discourage him about that. After that the RTFMs gradually became

<here> is the solution for your problem. You can find more info <here>. But
you better RTFM before coming up with your next question.

Another reason is that there is only one debian user support mailing list as
opposed to one for newbies, one for x, one for technical stuff, one for
programming etc., This ensured that there is at least some one out there
who will answer you politely and help you out.

IMHO, if a user is asking a RTFM question even after reading a manual, it
just means that the manual is written badly.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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