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Re: exim/postfix comparisons


On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 2:23 PM, Douglas A. Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:
>  I've heard comments from respected frequent posters on this list both
>  that they use postfix and that debian's decision to have Exim as default
>  was controversial.

>  I also lurk on OpenBSD's misc list.  OBSD uses sendmail by default
>  because they have made it secure, it has a BSD license, and it is small
>  so fits nicely in their base install.  They didn't use Postfix because
>  of licencing issues but I think the license has changed.  Many people
>  who lurk there use postfix on their BSD boxes.  They don't use Exim also
>  because of licensing and there have been some disparaging comments on
>  the complexity.

hmm I do that too. In fact I'm collecting stuff again after leaving
openBSD at 3.5 to get back on track with my knowledge.

>  As for a compelling reason to learn sendmail, the only one I can think
>  of is if you ever want to run a base BSD (I think they all include
>  sendmail in base).  Since sendmail was written as the standards for
>  email were being standardized, it can do anything and not just what is
>  current practice.  This flexibility makes it very complex; whole (large)
>  books are written on it.  In the past, this complexity has left it open
>  to security issues which I think have now all been fixed (until the next
>  time one is found, but then OpenBSD would have to change their
>  front-page brag).  Postfix was written by a security guru (I think the
>  person who gave us tcp-wrappers) and is flexible enough to do everything
>  neccessary on a modern network.

I guess I'll add myself to the sendmail people then. Can't be that bad
and I don't plan to spend vast amounts of time on that, only on a as
needed basis :)

>  If it were me and I only knew postfix, I'd find something else to do
>  than learn another MTA.

Well sometimes when a client asks you "And why exactly do you use
postfix" you just can't answer "Because it's the only tool I know" :)


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