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Re: exim/postfix comparisons

On Monday 24 March 2008 06:23:32 am Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> I've only used Exim because it's debian's default.  Exim v.3 was quite
> simple to set up.  Exim v.4 became far more complicated, so much so that
> debian made a debconf front-end to configuring it.  I still had to make
> some tweaks but it works.

Exim v.3 also used debconf.  The debconf configurator just got more attention 
in exim4-config.

> I've heard comments from respected frequent posters on this list both
> that they use postfix and that debian's decision to have Exim as default
> was controversial.

I have a hard time making heads or tails of postfix, but transitioning to exim 
from the former default (smail) was a snap back in the day.

> Just from a documentation perspective, Exim has its doc in one long
> spec.txt file whereas Postfix has a nice html book.

I believe exim is maintaining it in docbook.  spec.txt is the same as the 
documentation found in a far friendlier format on exim.org or in exim4-doc, 
etc; I've seen exim documentation in a wide variety of formats.

Paul Johnson

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