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Re: dual boot install from debian 4.0r1 net install cdrom

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Tim Channon wrote:
> michael wrote:
>> i've just used the default and expertgui debian net install and there
>> is an option for manually controlling the partitioning process....
> Yes *is* there but perhaps not clearly enough.
> Maybe this will be useful information: -
> You can play around with the partitioner, try various things and it will
> NOT change the disk until you exit the partitioner where it warns then
> about Write to disk, and you can say don't.
> I suspect we have a slightly garbled plea for help. The real question is
>  "How do I shrink a Windows partition to make room for Debian?" which is
> a totally different question. That facility is not in the 'net install.
> Probably the best bet is use a live-CD, boot into RAM (won't touch the
> hard disk) with Gnome GUI and there should be the much more complex
> repartitioner there which can hopefully resize the NTFS Windows
> partition. Then install Debian.

downlaod Gparted.
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