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Re: dual boot install from debian 4.0r1 net install cdrom

michael wrote:

i've just used the default and expertgui debian net install and there is an option for manually controlling the partitioning process....

Yes *is* there but perhaps not clearly enough.

Maybe this will be useful information: -

You can play around with the partitioner, try various things and it will NOT change the disk until you exit the partitioner where it warns then about Write to disk, and you can say don't.

I suspect we have a slightly garbled plea for help. The real question is "How do I shrink a Windows partition to make room for Debian?" which is a totally different question. That facility is not in the 'net install.

Probably the best bet is use a live-CD, boot into RAM (won't touch the hard disk) with Gnome GUI and there should be the much more complex repartitioner there which can hopefully resize the NTFS Windows partition. Then install Debian.

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