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dual boot install from debian 4.0r1 net install cdrom

I would like to install both Debian and windows-xp on
a single IDE hard drive using the debian 4.0r1 install
cdrom if possible. I already had such an installation
with debian 3.  I wanted to leave windows alone and
install debian 4 from scratch using the install cdrom.
At no time during the installation process could I see
where I was given the option to control fdisk myself
so I could leave windows alone. Instead, the installation
process insisted on using the whole hard drive for debian.
Presumably at some point in the install some magic key
sequence like <esc> <ctrl> <alt> F would have given me
control of fdisk, but the instructions gave no hint as
to how to do this, so I wiped out my windows. Now I
have paid $300 for the Oxford English Dictionary.
The current version does not run under wine, even though
earlier versions did. So I would like to re-install windows
and debian in a dual boot.  Must I install from a boot
floppy to do this?

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