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Re: etch nvidia xorg nvidia-glx-legacy X crashes--Solved

Wackojacko <wackojacko32@ntlworld.com> writes:

> Hugh Lawson wrote:
> > Since posting, I've done some more work.
> > nvidia-glx-legacy has been purged; now I have nvidia-glx.

Wacko wrote:

> You are mixing the two methods of installing the the nvidia module.
> 1. Use the script from the nvidia site and nothing else.
> 2. Install the nvidia module for your kernel from the repository,
> which will also require the nvidia-glx package that matches the module
> version.
> Either purge the nvidia-glx package and reinstall the NVIDIA script or
> remove the NVIDIA script and then install the modules from the
> repository.

Hugh again:

Much thanks Wacko; you provided the absolutely essential

I had deb packages left on my system from an earlier effort to do #2
above.  I didn't understand that this remaining stuff was absolutely
incompatible with the nvidia-provided script.

So I shifted to choice #1 above, purged all the nvidia* deb packages,
and ran this nvidia-provided script:


Since then I have rebooted; glxgears, glxinfo, and compiz  work as expected.

Thank you!

Hugh Lawson

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