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Re: Help me setup AntiSpam filter

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On 03/24/08 18:27, Mike Bird wrote:
> On Mon March 24 2008 16:08:29 Mark Allums wrote:
>> If at all possible, set up a new machine with Etch to use as a mail
>> server, and migrate to it.  If possible, get another machine to be a
>> router, another one to be a web server and DNS server.  Then, take down
>> the existing machine, upgrade it, and transfer web or DNS back to it.
>> 'Tis better to separate these functions onto different machines, if
>> possible.
> Different functions on different machines is more of a Microsoft view
> of the universe.  With Linux you only need to start separating functions
> if there is a specific reason such as CPU load or geographical separation
> of DNS servers.

Very true.  But it's also putting all your eggs in one basket.
Catastrophic machine failure and all (or, many) services go down.
Separating them into discrete low-power servers greatly reduces that

Note that this *not* the Microsoft Reason for having a discrete
server for each function.

> I'd just migrate the functions one at a time to a new machine.
> Meanwhile, I'd use spamassassin out of per-user procmail to solve the
> OP's dilemma.  You can set this up on one test account and mess with
> it until you're happy, without affecting other users.  Then you can
> move the procmail config to a system-wide procmailrc.

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