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Re: Help me setup AntiSpam filter

Bogdan Marian wrote:
I need your advice people! I need to setup an AntiSpam filter on an
 older version of Postfix, on Debian Sarge. I would go to Etch, but i
 can't risk it for the moment, as the server I'm referring to is very
 important and can't be brought down right now by my tests ( the
 machine acts as a: router, webserver, mail server and dns server, so
 you get my point...).
 Any suggestions, and links, and opinions will be greatly appreciated!
 Please guide me to an AntiSpam program!

Hi, new here, hope I'm not stepping on any toes or committing bad
etiquette, I have a suggestion:

If at all possible, set up a new machine with Etch to use as a mail
server, and migrate to it.  If possible, get another machine to be a
router, another one to be a web server and DNS server.  Then, take down
the existing machine, upgrade it, and transfer web or DNS back to it.
'Tis better to separate these functions onto different machines, if

I realize it may not be possible, of course: budget, space, time,
effort, politics, etc.  But it is a worthy goal, or at least it's nice
to dream. :)

For the spam filter, I'd suggest SpamAssassin.

--Mark Allums

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