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Re: Help me setup AntiSpam filter

Mike Bird wrote:
On Mon March 24 2008 16:08:29 Mark Allums wrote:
If at all possible, set up a new machine with Etch to use as a mail
server, and migrate to it.  If possible, get another machine to be a
router, another one to be a web server and DNS server.  Then, take down
the existing machine, upgrade it, and transfer web or DNS back to it.
'Tis better to separate these functions onto different machines, if

Different functions on different machines is more of a Microsoft view
of the universe.  With Linux you only need to start separating functions
if there is a specific reason such as CPU load or geographical separation
of DNS servers.

Oh, that is a bit parochial.  You might not need four separate machines,
but the mail, at least, should be on it's own machine.  Especially if
you are going to run a spam filter.  And with spam filtering and
virus-checking, you want a speedy disk subsystem, too.  Think along the
lines of a database server, for comparison.

Router and DNS can certainly live together.  Web server too, if it is
light traffic.

I'd just migrate the functions one at a time to a new machine.


Meanwhile, I'd use spamassassin out of per-user procmail to solve the
OP's dilemma.  You can set this up on one test account and mess with
it until you're happy, without affecting other users.  Then you can
move the procmail config to a system-wide procmailrc.

Yes, exactly.

--Mark Allums

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