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Re: amd 690g chipset

On Wed, 12 Mar 2008 20:56:45 -0400
"Douglas A. Tutty" <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:


> I would suggest trying links2.  It is light weight but does javascript,
> SSL, etc and will help you decide if the problem is the browser or the
> video rendering.

I don't see javascript support in my links2, and according to the
changelog, it was removed in v. 2.1pre29:

> Mon Apr 16 01:49:07 MET DST 2007 mikulas:
>         Javascript was removed. The reason is that it is very buggy, Martin
>         Pergel doesn't have time to develop it and code is so messy that no one
>         else can understand it.
>         If you use links for special purposes (embedded devices, etc.), you can
>         bring javascript back by copying javascript files from previous release,
>         removing "dnl javascript" lines from configure.in, adding *.c and *.h
>         files to Makefile.am and re-running automake and autoconf.
>         Javascript hooks from main code were not removed --- they just won't be
>         maintained.

I was recently looking for a TUI browser that supported JS, and was
unable to find a single one, at least one that was available as a
binary deb.

[The purpose was to access via the Internet a router /
AP / firewall that was configured to only allow access to its web based
management interface through its internal interfaces.  The router was
configured to forward incoming SSH connections to a (headless) Debian
box on the local network ('edith'), so I thought I'd just remotely
install a TUI browser onto edith, and then use it to access the
router.  As I said, after much fruitless searching, I was unable to
find a single TUI browser that supported JS.  I eventually found a
different solution (TIMTOWTDI); run a proxy (SOCKS or HTTP) on edith,
tunnel a port across the ssh connection ('ssh -L
8118:my_dynamic_dns_name:8118'), and configure my regular GUI browser
(IW) to use a proxy at the tunneled port.  I suppose I could have used
ssh itself as the proxy with the '-D' option, but I'm used to using

> Doug.

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