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what is where in the iso-images

Hi there,

I've spent hours on choosing, downloading and installing debian onto a
network-separeted box today. (I used the german debian homepage since
that is my native language.)
The Debian-Website is embarassing! Where are the hints that if you
want a debian with kde, you should download this file: [filename]?
Where are the catalogues of the iso-images, so that i can find out: If
I want to install KDE _LATER_ (of course i choosed the wrong file and
have a working model of gnome now, and the local aptitude has no kde
found) I need to download THIS CD-Image?

On which CD Image (stable) is KDE?
Is there any CD Image containing wine?

Why is there no possibility to search? It is useless to search google
for kde or wine, or can you tell me a syntax that will give me the
answer on which of the debian stable images are the pakets that i look

I begin understanding what Windows Users say, Linux is really not easy
to install if there are such difficulities in the very beginning. Why
is the debian Homepage with so little useful information? Blobs over
blobs of text fills your eyes, but where's the information??

Can someone give me a hint?

Catalogue of which paket is where in the iso images?
Filename of CD image containing KDE?
Filename of CD image containing Wine?

Thank you,


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