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Re: getting gs to see ttf fonts

Chris Bannister wrote:

A ps file is just a plain text file.

Well, an image can also be made in to a gs file, which in turn is still a text file. What I am trying to say is that the fonts which appear weird to gs are probably being converted to an image in the ps file.

Given what I wrote above, ODT->PDF->PS is already an equivalent path as this.

It may seem that way, BUT its not working. The idea is to at least try
and narrow the problem down. It may be an equivalent path, it may even
be the same path, it may not, who knows? The thing is its all valuable
advice. Answers like that tend to put people off from helping.

Yup, I see your points. I will give your other suggestions a shot.

See my other post in this thread about other ideas, particularly the
gsfonts bit.

I have these installed (BTW, the usherbrooke site that you said is not an official site, it is actually a Debian mirror, listed on Debian website):
$> COLUMNS=120 dpkg -l *fonts* | grep ^i
ii gsfonts 1:8.11+urwcyr1.0.7~pre43 Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s) ii gsfonts-x11 0.20 Make Ghostscript fonts available to X11 ii latex-xft-fonts 0.1-7 Xft-compatible versions of some LaTeX fonts ii msttcorefonts 2.4 Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts ii texlive-fonts-recommende 2007-13 TeX Live: Recommended fonts ii ttf-bengali-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for the Bengali language ii ttf-devanagari-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for languages using the Devanagari script ii ttf-gujarati-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for the Gujarati language ii ttf-indic-fonts 1:0.5.1 Metapackage for free Indian language fonts ii ttf-kannada-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for the Kannada language ii ttf-malayalam-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for the Malayalam language ii ttf-oriya-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for the Oriya language ii ttf-punjabi-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for the Punjabi language ii ttf-sjfonts 2.0.2-1 Some Juicy Fonts handwriting fonts ii ttf-tamil-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for the Tamil language ii ttf-telugu-fonts 1:0.5.1 Free TrueType fonts for the Telugu language
ii  xfonts-100dpi            1:1.0.0-4                100 dpi fonts for X
ii  xfonts-75dpi             1:1.0.0-4                75 dpi fonts for X
ii  xfonts-base              1:1.0.0-5                standard fonts for X
ii xfonts-encodings 1:1.0.2-3 Encodings for X.Org fonts
ii  xfonts-scalable          1:1.0.0-6                scalable fonts for X
ii xfonts-utils 1:1.0.1-2 X Window System font utility programs

I'm assuming, since you can print a PDF ok that you are just trying to
debug why the ps side of things doesn't work, otherwise you'd just print
things via the pdf route.

Yes, printing via PDF works okay. It is just the direct printing that is the problem ... so I can still get the work done but it would be great to sort this out.

Oh ... can you view the .ps with gv?

I see in gv exactly what gets printed in the printer ... boxes in place of indic font characters.

BTW, the document I am trying to print is made in Unicode and my env is en_CA.UTF-8.

I will try out your suggestions in the other post. But I am beginning to think this may be due to how gs handles Unicode text, at least in non-latin fonts.


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