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Re: LANG=C not English?

On 02/03/2008, Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> wrote:
>  > Thanks, but how to set them?
> Short answer is not to set any of LC_* as system wide.

I don't recall ever setting them. I don't even know how.

>  Since I like console to use English (UTF-8 so en_US.UTF-8) and X to use
>  use several locales such as en_US.UTF-8 and ja_JP.UTF-8, I let gdm
>  change locale.  If you want to run any program under fancy locale, you
>  can do it by:
>  $ LANG=somelocale somecommand
>  See more on
>   http://people.debian.org/~osamu/pub/getwiki/html/ch02.en.html#langvariable
>   http://people.debian.org/~osamu/pub/getwiki/html/ch09.en.html#thelocale

Very informative links, Osamu, but they explain how to set only the
'standard' locale of a user, not C. How is that set? Thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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