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Re: Idea of a Debian Mascot [Was: FW: Bits from the DPL: FTP assistants, marketing team, init scripts, elections]

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 05:03:37PM +1100, Rich Healey wrote:
> DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying mandrake (driva) is better, just that the
> installer is prettier, and lets face it, since you only run it once, why
> not make installing an eyecandy experience.
Because then it doesn't run well on non-eyecandy boxes.  

I like debian because of aptitude which relies on dpkg, rapid security
fixes, and the foundation of the debian policy.

On my entertainment box, I run it (with debian-multimedia) because it is
very convenient.

However, for easy install, fast operation on slow hardware, I use

Given all the threads on this list since Etch came out where people have
chosen the default DTE install then have network problems, I personally
feel that having the DTE handle the network as a default is a bad
mistake.  Sure, I suppose that when it works it saves the user from
understanding networking.  However, when it doesn't work its a lot of
work for others to figure out.  


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