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Re: Idea of a Debian Mascot [Was: FW: Bits from the DPL: FTP assistants, marketing team, init scripts, elections]

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Peter Tynan wrote:
>> I have to say, there is nothing friendly about that damn gnu. And that
>> statement is in no way a reflection on my views of GNU or it's
>> projects. Just that if we're gonna have a mascot, I lean more towards
>> the penguin/snarky-devil side of the debate than the smelly ruminant
>> side. 
> I think most open source software tends to look like something from a
> group of high school kids, and one of the reasons is the whole mascot
> idea.  That daemon in the tennis shoes, the puffer fish, Tux and that
> aforementioned hippy gnu all end up just looking ameteurish to me.  The
> new FreeBSD logo, on the other hand, is very impressive most of all
> because it has no mascot type look to it at all, and instead aims for a
> professional and finished appearance.  The combination of the logo and
> the color scheme for their packaging is just tremendous, and sets them
> entirely apart from the rest of the OSS pack really.
> As for Debian, I think the swirl is an incredible graphic which is much
> better than what FreeBSD started out with.  Even what they have now is
> certainly not any better, but only better presented.  What Debian needs
> more than anything is some color or finish to go along with the swirl
> which would make the project look more mature and professional.  Mascots
> generally have the opposite effect.  I am worried that one day I am
> going to surf over to debian.org to be met with a big goofy looking
> cartoon wallaby.
> Patrick

Patrick makes some good points, however if tastefully done, i believe we
could bring more positive attention to debian, and linux in general.

Many of my windows using mates are at least familiar with Tux, even
though many have only ever used linux at my place (and then only using
firefox to check email, hardly the grandest most eye opening event).

Debian could use an image revamp, last night i was messing with a debian
install disk trying to get driver information for a NIC in my solaris
machine, and honestly even with the (non-default) GUI, it's hardly

Projects like mandriva have much prettier, and more intuitive
installers. Debian is incredibly fast and efficient, and fantastic for
experienced unix admins, but not their exclusive domain, more publicity
can never be a bad thing.

Sorry, this rant has gotten way out of hand, the underlying point being
that yes, i think a mascot is a good idea.


Rich Healey
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