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[OT] Goodbye Debian

Well, I guess the subject caught your attention after all.

Of course I'm not saying goodbye to Debian, at least not voluntarily and
certainly not at home. But I just changed jobs, and so moved from a self-
administered Debian box to a locked-up, preinstalled all-M$ Dell thing.
M$ Office, M$IE, Lotus Notes 6 (soon to be migrated to Outlook Express).

I've never really used Windows before and thought of it as just another
system -- I like Debian, you like Windows, no sweat.

Boy, what a piece of crap. It boggles the mind. This is how the world's
office workers get their work done? Or do they?

I managed to install Opera in a directory owned by myself, but whenever I
try to open any page it keeps asking me for usernames and passwords,
which IE somehow seems to inherently know about. That thing doesn't even
have tabs or a decent bookmark handler. That's the #1 browser in the
world! WTF? Am I missing something here?

OK, this rant really doesn't belong in this group, but I need some
sympathy right now.

Thanks for listening,

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