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Re: [OT] Goodbye Debian

Here's a couple things...

http://mcnlive.org/ - MCN Live, a live CD that can also be installed on
a flash drive. There's Knoppix, too. http://www.knopper.de

http://www.sysresccd.org/ - another live CD that can edit Windows NT

http://portableapps.com/ has a collection of Firefox, Filezilla, GIMP
etc., all portable and launchable from a flash drive.

And, well, the author's own Windows demoronising/essential tools
package (it will write to Windows directory, so for most of the
installed items it'll require an admin account, but Sysresc CD might
help with that). This also flips around three hundred registry settings
to somewhat more humane, making Windows a tad faster and more bearable.


On 24.02.2008 at 22:52 Dan H. wrote:

>Well, I guess the subject caught your attention after all.
>Of course I'm not saying goodbye to Debian, at least not voluntarily
>certainly not at home. But I just changed jobs, and so moved from a
>administered Debian box to a locked-up, preinstalled all-M$ Dell
>M$ Office, M$IE, Lotus Notes 6 (soon to be migrated to Outlook
>I've never really used Windows before and thought of it as just
>system -- I like Debian, you like Windows, no sweat.
>Boy, what a piece of crap. It boggles the mind. This is how the
>office workers get their work done? Or do they?
>I managed to install Opera in a directory owned by myself, but
whenever I
>try to open any page it keeps asking me for usernames and passwords,
>which IE somehow seems to inherently know about. That thing doesn't
>have tabs or a decent bookmark handler. That's the #1 browser in the
>world! WTF? Am I missing something here?
>OK, this rant really doesn't belong in this group, but I need some
>sympathy right now.
>Thanks for listening,

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