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Re: New User- Network Problem

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 11:21:40AM +0000, Mitch Crawford wrote:
> Just to follow up my own thread, I've tracked it down to a clash between
> network settings & network tools devices.
> I'm just connecting through eth1 my PCI 1G network card.
> In Network tools  device eth0 and eth1 are both disabled !
> In Network settings eth0 is not configured and eth1 is active, enabled and
> set with the IP data.
> If network tools eth1 is configured the network icon at the top of the main
> window loses its connection.
> Can anybody make any sense of this... very confusing for a newbie to Linux.

Its also very confusing to someone who has used Linux for years.  What
the heck is Network tools, Network settings.  Icon?

The network is configured in /etc/network/interfaces.  Plain old text

If you want to rely on your Desktop Environment (DTE) to controll your
network, you need to tell us what DTE you are using as there are at
least 3 DTEs plus a plethora of plain old Window Managers (WMs).

Once you give that info, then only those of us familiar with your DTE
would bother speculating.

Good luck.


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