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Using kppp with pon/poff? or alternate ppp status/monitor?


I have ppp configured just fine with pon/poff so I would like to keep
using that sub-system as all the configuration files are working.

I would like to have some graphical way that could start ppp
via an applet and then display status (graph of incoming/outgoing data
and statistics either on the status bar or a small window).  I used
to have something like that in woody, but it's either gone from etch
or I can't find it.  Kppp is totally automated as far as setup but
I only want to use the graphical/applet part.  Is there a way to make
it call "pon xxx" and "poff" to directly control ppp?  I've read the
kppp manual from top to bottom and found nothing that would indicate
that this is possible.

If this can't be done,  is there something in etch that would provide
a visual graphical representation of the ppp connection?  Yes, I'm
aware of pppstatus and pppstats; I don't want a text app as my kterms
are large and I want a small applet or window.

Any hints out there?  Thanks.


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