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Re: Switching from ipw3945 to iwl3945 driver]

On 09 Feb 2008, Peter Jordan wrote:
> 1) eth3 and wlan0 differ
> 2) add "auto eth3" or whatever to /etc/network/interfaces
> 3) you don't use wpasupplicant?
> pj

1. I did have auto eth3 in the file but probably I screwed something up
in my repeated attempts to get iwl3945 working. Anyway, for whatever
reason it's  now come back - I mean I get a wireless connection
automatically on boot with 2.6.23. I'm giving up on iwl3945 for the
time being -- I don't think it likes my hardware at present. 

2. I don't use wpasupplicant. For security I have access in the router
restricted to a list and I don't allow the broadcast of the essid.


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