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Re: Switching from ipw3945 to iwl3945 driver]

Anthony Campbell, 02/07/08 17:11:

>> I think that means that the card is not "on". Look in
>> /sys/class/mumblemumblemumble/iwl3945/device/rf_kill. It should be 0
>> for the card to be on, 1 for the card to be off, by way of the radio
>> control button/switch on your machine. 
>> A
> I couldn;t find that entry but I'll have another look. Meanwhile I can
> no longer access the wireless even from the older kernels, so I don't
> know what is happening! Perhaps I'll give up and use a wired connection,
> which at least works.
> Could you kindly post your /etc/networking/interfaces please, so that I
> can see if there is  a clue there?
> Anthony

wouldn't it be better if you posted your /etc/network/interfaces ?

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