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Re: Switching from ipw3945 to iwl3945 driver]

On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 09:03:03 +0000, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> On 02 Feb 2008, Jurij Smakov wrote:


> > The 2.6.24 kernel has recently hit unstable, and it contains a new 
> > shiny iwl3945 driver which should replace the old ipw3945 one. The 
> > good news is that you will no longer need to run the ipw3945d binary 
> > daemon, the bad news is that binary firmware is still required (but it 
> > is available as a package). The plan is to remove ipw3945-modules-* 
> > and ipw3945d packages from the archive as soon as 2.6.24 kernel hits 
> > testing. Because of that, everyone running unstable and using ipw3945
> > is encouraged to switch to using 2.6.24 and iwl3945 driver as soon as 
> > possible. The switching instructions are available at 
> > 
> > http://wiki.debian.org/iwlwifi


> I really wish this "improvement" would not be forced on anyone who wants
> to use the 2.6.24 kernel. In spite of numerous attempts over the last
> few months I've never managed to get the new system to work. For 2.6.23
> I managed to compile my own ipw3945-modules but I can't do that for
> 2.6.24. So I'm stuck with the older kernels for the foreseeable future.
> Why can't we have the option to use the older system if we want to?

The ipw3945 driver requires closed-source components and has been
deprecated by Intel, the only party that has access to the full source
code and hardware specifications. The kernel developers, on the other
hand, generally don't care very much about breaking proprietary drivers
with newer versions of the kernel, especially if there is an alternative
available in the normal kernel tree. 

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