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Re: Iceweasel problems - 2 of 3

On (09/02/08 12:43), Chris Bannister wrote:
 | On Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 12:37:52PM -0500, Steve Kleene wrote:
 | > 3. I seems impossible to arrange for an iceweasel window to start up at a
 | >    specified position on my desktop (fvwm).  I posted a question about this
 | >    here once.
 | That would be an fvwm issue, not a Debian one. Search the fvwm mailing
 | list/google for transient window placement.

If you want fvwm to open something at a definite location, specify the
location in ~/.fvwm2rc.  Here's the extract from mine; it opens a
small window next to the pager at the bottom right of my screen in
which is shown what goes on in syslog. Concentrate on the four numbers.

# -geometry [<width>x<height>][{+|-}<x offset>{+|-}<y offset>]
#  that is to say, the four numbers specify size and location: ewxns+EW+NS
+ "I" Exec Eterm -x --bold-font fixed --no-cursor -g 57x5+947+974  --scrollbar 0 --buttonbar 0 -e sudo grc tail -n 16 -f /var/log/syslog &

(All of that should be on one line, of course.)

You may just have to fiddle around to adapt size and location to your
screen, of course.

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