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Re: Iceweasel problems - 2 of 3

On Wed, 06 Feb 2008 15:00:41 -0600, Dennis G. Wicks wrote:

> When I restart Iceweasel it reopens all the windows and tabs as designed
> with one not-so-small problem. It opens *every* window or tab that was ever
> opened before, nopt just the ones that were open when it crashed or was
> shutdown.

If it's any consolation, I had this problem once too.  I don't anymore.

It happened after I switched from Red Hat (with mozilla) to Debian (with
firefox aka iceweasel).  After the system upgrade, I moved my whole personal
directory back.  So when I first started iceweasel, it found my browser
config files (bookmarks.html, prefs.js, etc.) and used them.  Very nice so

Whenever it crashed though, I could bring it up with "Restore Session".  At
that point it restored all kinds of things I never wanted to see again, like
the trailer for "Madagascar".  It turned out that I had two complete config
directories, namely


The first was the one I had copied from old mozilla; the second was put in by
iceweasel.  The unwanted history was in history.dat in the old directory.  To
my surprise, iceweasel checked the old history every time it started (as
determined with "ls -lu").  But if I nulled out the history from the
iceweasel window, it failed to null out the old history.  I deleted the
entire old config directory, and that solved the problem.

So do something like this:

  find ~/.mozilla -name history.dat

to see if you have two of them.

I do, like you, still have several problems with Iceweasel:

1. It does crash fairly often.
2. It does some but not nearly all flash sites.  I have libflash-mozplugin
   installed but not flashplugin-nonfree.  As far as I can tell, they're both
   Flash 9.  I figure the sites that don't work are Flash 10, which isn't
   available for Linux at all.
3. I seems impossible to arrange for an iceweasel window to start up at a
   specified position on my desktop (fvwm).  I posted a question about this
   here once.
4. Keyboard shortcuts die if I pass the cursor over certain ads (especially
   at nytimes.com); I think they're javascript.  To get the shortcuts back, I
   can move the cursor out of the iceweasel window and the bring it back,
   taking care not to pass over the offending ad.  I use the keyboard to
   scroll (down arrow) and move back a page (ALT-leftarrow).
5. The HOME key still gets me to the top of a page, but it doesn't go to the
   top left.  It used to.

By the way, the profile folder name ("aqhypo0m.default") appears to be some
sort of unique identifier.  Is it broadcast, and can it be used to identify
my machine?  Why is such a goofy directory name used at all?

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