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Re: Question about flac

Quoth Jochen Schulz:
> Hugo Vanwoerkom:
> > 
> > But it gave me a chance to find out about FLAC, sounds neat.
> It is! It looks as if it may become the de-facto standard for lossless
> audio (well, there's Apple's lossless format, too...). I use it to
> archive my CD collection and encode to other (lossy) formats only when I
> need them. What's especially nice is that FLAC uses Vorbiscomment for
> metadata storage. That's why you can encode Ogg Vorbis directly from
> FLAC files while keeping all the original metadata.

Most notably, it seems to be all pirate's choice for lossless audio encoding.
And everyone publishing his/her music on the web (paid or not) I've seen so far
offers flac if they offer lossless at all.
Like it or not, piracy and free distribution will be important - if not the most
important factors - in the acceptance level of flac or any other audio codec.


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