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Re: maturedebs: sightly stable unstable

Mike Bird:
> I can understand not updating Stable but the lack of migrations to Testing
> means that we have to run bleeding edge Sid 2.6.24 kernels on nine-month
> old production laptops (Thinkpad T61) which have been supported by the
> kernel since 2.6.23 was released four months ago.  (We had been running
> Sid 2.6.23 until recently but it was deleted from Sid without ever making
> it into testing.)

I agree that this is not an optimal situation, especially in business
environments. But on the other hand, building and deploying a custom
kernel is really easy when you are using Debian's tools. Things only get
ugly when newer kernels require changes in userspace, like when udev was
made more or less mandatory.

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