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Re: What am I missing without mutt?

On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 09:00:27AM -0800, Steve Lamb wrote:
> > Also, will mutt remember that when I write
> > to xyz@hisServer.com I need the From address to be xyz@myServer.com,
> > and when I write to abc@anotherServer.com I need the From address to
> > be abc@myServer.com?
>     No.  You'll need to be in specific folders and you'll have configure
> mutt for every single folder what address you want.  Quite annoying
> since it has no concept of account-level inheritance.

Not entirely accurate. This is what send-hook is for. If you look at the
email address from which I am sending this, you'll notice that it is
gsslist+debian@<mydomain>. For the mutt-users list, however, it is
gsslist+mutt@<mydomain>. I have send-hooks configured to set my sending address
automatically based on the destination address (as well as an fcc-save-hook
for where the sent copy goes).

I actually use m4 to manage my list subscriptions conveniently (though not
beautifully), since I am on lots (over 50 at last count). For your
particular needs, you can get away with a single send-hook for each
outgoing email address, so it shouldn't be as big a deal.

> Steve Lamb

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