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Re: low-MHz server [OT]

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On 02/05/08 08:35, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> I write this sitting at a Digital VT 520.

Amber screen?

Get a DECserver and then the F5(?) key lets you break to a terminal
server prompt and log into another machine.  The VT lets you switch
between 4 different logins.

> Right.  Its ancient, mid-1990's technology for which I am looking.  One
> that will take the memory and drives to handle today's software and
> data-set size.  Unfortunatly, that was during the shift from propriatary
> busses to standardization on PCI.  For example, by the time IBM RS/6000
> PPC boxes used PCI, they were just over 200 MHz.  They were nice looking
> boxes, able to keep three PCI busses busy: two full scsi busses feeding
> two gigabit networks while running around 300 MHz with 4 PPCs.  They
> still command a high price.  I've never heard of anyone having one die
> on them.
> Ron, what other ancient hardware do you remember that may be suitable.
> I can browse eBay, search eg: "166 MHz -GHz" for each MHz about which I
> am aware, but I can't do that for the wider Google-land.  Are there big
> server boxes that I am overlooking?

Geez, that's sooooo long ago.  The slowest active machines that we
have are AlphaServer 4100s running at 300MHz, and they were rolled
in by Sungard as replacements for systems destroyed in 9/11.

Even the older AS100A machines were upgraded quite a few years ago
to 400Mz.

I strongly urge you to create EMF shield cages around modern systems
and run old X Terminals as displays.  The VXT 2000 and a 19" monitor
was a sweet system, but only had 4MB RAM.  Maybe an old PC with a
beefy PCI video card would be better.

> I'm also going to look into scsi drive holders in case I end up with a
> server with few bays.
> Thanks Ron,

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