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Re: low-MHz server

meant to send this to the list but sent to bob by mistake oops!

Read this thread with a bit of interest.

In terms of non-x86 there are a lot of options.

For Sun/SPARC32, theres Sparcstation 10s and 20s (I recently gave 4
away on freecycle), they're old and slow really. But you can put upto
512mb ram in them, and they'll take two internal drives (50pin for
SS10, SCA for SS20).

As far as CPUs for these go, they can range from 50mhz cacheless cpus
models all the way up to quad hyper-sparc models. Though the best
really is dual SM75 modules (SuperSparcII 75Mb with 1mb cache) for
heat reasons.

I found Linux on SMP Sparc32 to be a bit problematical last time I
tried it. But Solaris 8 or 9 will run on SS10/20s, as well as NetBSD
or OpenBSD (single cpu).

PPC Macs are getting a fair bit cheap these days, and are quite easy
to upgrade, the G4s start around 400Mhz though. G3s you can get at
around 233Mhz, a Beige G3 with a G3/233mhz cpu should handle linux ok,
though they're a bit of a tempermental machine really ime. Blue &
White G3s are the better bet really for G3s. As the CPUs are ZIF
socketed, you can add faster or slower G3 cpus to them. They'll take a
few hard drives too without a problem. Never personally tried Linux on
PPC/Mac as I've always found OS X to meet my needs.


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