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Re: low-MHz server

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:

I have an unusual situation and problem at which I've been chipping
away.  The base technology predates my IT experience.

My wife is sensitive to what she describes as electromagnetic fields.
She gets headaches and other pains when exposed to equipment: the higher
the frequency, the worse her symptoms.  For example, a VT is better than
a regular CRT connected to even a P-II-233 MHZ while a 486DX4-100 is
better than the P-II.  Both are far better than my Athlon64 @3.5 GHz.
And any CRT is better than any LCD/plasma screen.  Even my Palm Zire (I
think 233 MHz) with its ~2"x~3" screen is unsuitable within about 30
feet of her.  She can't wear a digital watch.

I'd get a modern ish server and underclock it, that way you'll be able to get more RAM and bigger hard drives, the Athlon XP was fairly easy to get down to 300 MHz with the FSB still @ 133, I never tried lower but I don't see why not, for comedy value see if you can get the CPU clocking lower than the RAM.

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