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Re: How can to set debian to write as less as possible (to use it on Flash drive)

On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 08:53:38PM +0200, Jabka Atu wrote:
> Since my main pc is laptop i need something that will be as faill proof as
> posible.
> so i thought maybe to use flash drive as main drive and forget the swap or
> what ever the problem rises how ?
> I'm not sure but most of todaies flash drive has a lifetime for 50K write
> per bit (not sure since i read about 100K somewhere) so it is really bad
> idea to use flash as swap or /var/log etc.
> the main question is how to set my favorite flavor (sid , sorry etch but i
> don't love backports.. ) to work with as less as possible writes?
> Ideas ? guides ? or what ever ...
> but who can i disable writes without damaging my system i guess linked tmp
> with ramdisk is a start but i need more ideas .

First, turn off atime on mounts.
Add enough memory so that you never need swap.  Then, use a swap file if
needed.  Put /tmp on tmpfs.

Or, run a live CD like GRML and put /home on the flash drive.

Flash-drive systems are often used on embedded devices.  I know that
many people use OpenBSD on their laptops and also on Soekris embedded
devices (e.g. as firewalls).  You could check the OpenBSD website for
some docs and check the misc@openbsd archives.


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