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How can to set debian to write as less as possible (to use it on Flash drive)

Good day,...

Since my main pc is laptop i need something that will be as faill proof as posible.
so i thought maybe to use flash drive as main drive and forget the swap or what ever the problem rises how ?

I'm not sure but most of todaies flash drive has a lifetime for 50K write per bit (not sure since i read about 100K somewhere) so it is really bad idea to use flash as swap or /var/log etc.

the main question is how to set my favorite flavor (sid , sorry etch but i don't love backports.. ) to work with as less as possible writes?
Ideas ? guides ? or what ever ...

<To understend how to start>
</To understend how to start>

but who can i disable writes without damaging my system i guess linked tmp with ramdisk is a start but i need more ideas .

Thank you in advance.

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