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Re: Tbird kb shortcuts (was Re: GTK+ E-mail App on par with Mutt?)

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On 02/04/08 06:57, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Sun February 3 2008, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> I don't view them in their own window. You do that by hitting ENTER when
>>> in preview mode, correct? In its own window, it loses the "GO" menu
>>> selection that has the go to next... is that a bug or a feature?
>> Design decision or oversight, it doesn't matter.  The important
>> point is that it doesn't work how I like an MUA to work.
> you might want to ask on the kde-pim list or kde-linux. I've learned lots of 
> good info from there, including getting my palm Treo to sync using kpilot.

Too late.  I'm back in GNOME, and the comfort zone of apps that work
(without lots of customization) the way I think that apps should work.

Maybe I'm just infected by the "Windows Way" (even though I love the
CLI and never use file managers), but that's the way it is, and I'm

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