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Re: [OT] Iran to attack my Browser??

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On 02/04/08 06:24, Александър Л. Димитров wrote:
> Seriously, this is quite odd...
> take a look at the following two screenshots of Iran's ministry of foreign
> affair's site:
> http://omploader.org/vYzU3
> http://omploader.org/vYzU4
> Sorry to link you to some image-hosting site, but the screenshots are
> neccessary... as you can see, Opera displays this site quite fine, while Firefox
> (3 beta) goes paranoid, suspecting incoming attacks from the Middle East.
> What's up with that? Has Mozilla Corp. gone Republican? ... I doubt it.
> What's more likely is that someone over at stopbadware.org (on which Firefox'
> paranoid attacks seem to be based on) has made a joke. I doubt that an official

Have you gone to stopbadware.org to try to determine why stopbadware
thinks that the MoFA web site is infected?

> server of the Iranian government could distribute malware (just look at the
> address: www.mfa.gov.ir - and no, it's not a Windows server accidentially
> infected with viruses. As you all now, Iran's not allowed to buy or use Windows)

"Bad guys" *love* to try to infect Linux servers with malware
(specifically works and rootkits, since Linux is pretty well immune
from viruses), since Linux has a well-deserved reputation for long
uptimes.  They then use these compromised servers to spread viruses
to Windows clients and control them.

> So my question is: how do I disable FF's 'badware'-check? I'm not afraid of
> nobody! I'm only using the vimperator and AdBlock extensions to Firefox, so this
> should not be the cause...
> Thanks, and sorry to post something this off-topic, but since it _does_ contain
> at least one technical question...

No, no.  This is an excellent question.  Even if you *do* seem a bit
paranoid.  Not everyone (*very* few, in fact) in the West is trying
to destroy Russia and Iran.

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