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Re: lightning, extension for icedove, screwed up

Cassiano Bertol Leal wrote:

Ok, so you're having trouble installing the plugin. This is easily
fixable, but you have to mess up with the .xpi.

Here's the step-by-step:

1 - download the xpi from the lightning web page (save it, but don't
install it just yet)
2 - open a terminal and go to the folder where the xpi was saved.
3 - create a temp folder and enter it (mkdir lightning-tmp && cd
4 - unzip ../lightning-0.7-tb-linux.xpi (adjust to the correct file name)
5 - open install.rdf with you favorite editor
6 - find the tag <em:targetPlatform>
7 - change the value of this tag to linux-gnu_x86-gcc3 (e.g.
8 - save the file and exit the editor
9 - re-zip it (zip -r ../lightning-0.7-debian.xpi)

The above step should be:
$> zip -r ../lightning-0.7-tb-linux-my.xpi ./

Otherwise, your method worked perfectly! Thanks a ton.

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