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Re: GUI programming

On Thu, 2008-01-17 at 07:06 -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
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> On 01/17/08 03:53, Magnus Therning wrote:
> > Jozef Peterka wrote:
> >> Hi there,
> >> just a short note: there are MANY popular toolkits, mostly qt(KDE),
> >> gtk(GNOME), wx, etc. etc. 
> >> But, you are probably asking about multiplatformness of those. So let
> >> see ... look at all the great mozilla software, they are writen with GTK
> >> + toolkit, and as you can now firefox, thunderbird etc. are well running
> >> both on linux, bsd(s) and windows - maybe gtk+ is what you are looking
> >> for...
> > 
> > AFAIK mozilla is written on top of /all/ those toolkits (QT, GTK,
> > Windows), with an insulating abstraction layer.  So that happens to be a
> > bad example.
> > 
> > IIRC wxwidgets basically is such an abstraction layer, which might make
> > it very suitable toolkit to use.
> wxwidgets 2.8 was released more than a year ago, but according to
> threads on debian-devel which come up on a regular basis, it still
> hasn't been packaged by Debian, because there are so many
> outstanding upstream bugs.

Although it _is_ available in Ubuntu and Apple, and debs are available
for Debian. If you read the debian-devel threads or look at the
wxWidgets dev and user mailing lists you'll see that there's some bad
feelings between wx and the current wxWidgets debian maintainer so I
wouldn't read to much into the fact that it's not packaged by Debian.

One strong point for wxWidgets is that it is truly native on each
platform so never feels out of place, unlike many other cross-platform
tools. I program with it daily and will soon be trying to use it for
developing for the nokia n800 tablet (should be fun!).

For evaluating wxWidgets you could download dialogblocks and compile
some of the many samples. Dialogblocks itself is a great example of
wxWidgets and makes it very easy to build the wxWidgets libraries, build
your code, and is great for UI design.


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