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Re: re-using a damaged disk

On Mon, Jan 07, 2008 at 08:19:16AM +0100, pol wrote:
> Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> > Since its only the /usr directory (presumably its own partition), don't
> > reformat it or you'll have to reinstall.  If it's ext2/3, use
> > # e2fsck -c -c /dev/xxx
> That was my first recovering oeration.
> It is about 10 hours 'fsck.ext3' is running now, yet less than half
> partition has been scanned. My /usr partition is 2 GB.
> Is it possible to pause the process, so as to be able to restart fsck later?  

I am not aware of that option.  

Has anything shown up in /var/log/syslog to indicate any drive problems?

When you say 'fsck.ext3', did you use '-c -c' or not?  If not, it will
only sort out the file system it won't look for bad blocks.

Probably another 12 hrs to go.


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