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Re: re-using a damaged disk

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:

> How do you know its physically crashed?  If it is physically crashed,
> the head are probably dead too.  If you try, what errors do you get?

The laptop fell about one meter to the floor, while it was running.
I can't rmemeber the error messages, but they were sugegsting something
unusal had happened. to the /usr partition. I cannot be mounted, so i get
the prompt, login through the ash, a very limited number of commands
Fsck'ed the /usr partition, everything should have been fixed, yet 'mount'
cannot mount /usr - the same messages as at boot.

While the disk has been damaged, the heads seem to be working. 

> Try booting up a live CD like GRML, format the whole drive as one
> filesystem having it check for badblocks.  Have tail -f /var/syslog
> runing in another VT and watch the errors.  Also listen to the drive.

No noise from the drive.
I'll give  GRML a try

thank you 


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